Endurance Life 360 is a new video podcast series that dives into all aspects of endurance sports and the lifestyle that surrounds it. The show is hosted by veteran endurance coach and athlete Jay Ridgeway (bio) and takes its guests and audience on fun, educational and sometimes emotional journeys through the life of endurance athletes and those that support them. We hope you enjoy the series.

All video podcasts are available on YouTube and audio-only on Apple Podcast.

Episode 11: Mohamed Lahna - Paralympian Bronze Medalist, 2024 Paris Team USA, Husband & Father

(0:50:58) Former Team PacWest elite para-athlete Mohamed Lahna joins Coach Jay Ridgeway to share his incredible life's journey of overcoming the challenges of being born with a birth defect in his childhood home of Casablanca, Morocco; to his introduction to multi-sport which then lead to competitions in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Then in 2009 he transitioned to the US where he met his wife, competed for Morocco in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games where he earned the bronze medal! Fast forward to now, Mohamed, now a US citizen, father of three and has not only become a Team USA Paralympian member but has qualified for the 2024 Paris Paralympics and will be competing on September 1st. It is an incredible conversation that we hope everyone will enjoy! Thanks for watching!

Episode 10: Introduction to Velocity Virtual Cycle Studio

(0:47:34) Introducing a new and highly effective training software platform called Velocity (www.vqvelocity.com). This virtual cycle studio is the only software solution designed to enable coaches to leverage live instruction and advance technology features to elevate the quality of their coaching and deepen athlete engagement. Coach Jay Ridgeway is joined by Velocity Founder and former professional cyclist (US Postal Team) and elite coach Robbie Ventura and Velocity Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder John Nichols. The two share details of why Velocity is truly a first-of-its-kind platform that is changing the coach's and athlete's training experience. It's a game changer. Enjoy!

Episode 9: Rebecca Hernandez - An Incredible Life's Journey from 0 to 50+ Marathons from Age 40 to 50

(0:47:18) Rebecca Hernandez joins our show to share her incredible journey through some very difficult challenges early in her adult life and how fitness and endurance running became driving forces to helping her achieve success not only professionally but, most importantly, as a single mother of two. Her success also lead her to become a group fitness instructor which then lead to achieving her first marathon at the age of 40. But that journey didn't stop there as over the course of ten years she proceeded to complete a total of 52 marathons and still counting by the age of 50 this year. Truly impressive and inspiring for us all. Enjoy!

Episode 8: Reigniting the Fire to Train & Race After the Holidays

(0:43:23) Coach "B" Bertrand Newson once again joins Coach Jay Ridgeway for this new episode to talk about how coaches are helping their athletes reignite the internal fire to resume regular training and racing coming off the long Holiday break. Both coaches also tie in other exciting updates of upcoming events that athletes of all levels and backgrounds can participate in like the Taji 100 challenge (www.taji100.com) spanning the full 29 days of February this year. Other talking points include the Big Sur Marathon and Foundation, Coaches of Colors Initiative and the new PacWest Endurance Youth Development Program for the Reno-Tahoe Region.

Episode 7: Tommy Zaferes - Retired Pro Triathlete/USAT Talent Scout/Photographer/Husband/Father

(0:55:51) Former elite Team USA pro triathlete Tommy Zaferes joins Coach Jay Ridgeway to talk about his role as USA Triathlon's Head Talent ID Scout as well as lead photographer and content creator for World Triathlon. He is also married to 2x Olympic medalist Katie Zaferes and father of 18 month old son Kimble. The two briefly talk about how Tommy first got involved in triathlon (which is crazy fun) as well as how he and Katie first met and trained to together which eventually led to marriage and parenthood. It's a super fun and educational episode covering a wide range for subjects that provide a glimpse inside the world of how young athletes can become elite. Enjoy!

Episode 6: Kelly O'Mara - Editor/Reporter/Professional Triathlete

(0:44:26) Former Editor-in-chief of Triathlete Magazine, accomplished journalist, professional triathlete and Founder of Triathlonish.com, Kelly O'Mara joins Coach Jay and Endurance Life 360 for an insightful episode focused on the impact that women are having in endurance sports and sports in general. They dive into some of the science behind women performance training, overcoming injuries (including Kelly's own) as well as the increasing exposure and financial investment into women's sports like the new professional soccer team coming to the Bay Area. They also talk about breaking news surrounding the Ironman CEO stepping down and what impact that may have on the sport as well as other headlines news like Simone Biles potentially coming out of retirement for the Paris Olympics next year! It's super fun so check it out!

Episode 5: Swetha Amit - Author/Mother/Multisport Athlete

(1:10:15) Suddenly uprooted from her homeland of India, Swetha Amit shares her journey to the USA and SF Bay Area in 2017 when her husband is accepted into the prestigious Stanford MBA program. A mother of a 3 year old daughter, she initially struggles to find friends with similar interests including her love of running. However, she had a personal calling to pursue becoming a triathlete and specifically an Ironman 70.3 finisher. It's an incredible story of her overcoming struggles and fears to ultimately achieve her goals that she wrote a book about it called "A Turbulent Mind - My Journey to Ironman 70.3". It's a fun, wonderful read and available on Amazon.

Episode 4: Owen & Marianne Gray and World's Toughest Row

(0:57:16) Coach Jay catches up with long time friends and athletes Owen and Marianne Gray to dive into Owen's new love and passion of major ocean open water rowing. Owen successfully completed the 3,000-mile Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge as a solo rower in 2021-2022. Fast forward to now, he is preparing the World's Toughest Row Pacific Challenge next month in June but this time with a female partner. We share photos and videos of Owen's Atlantic row as well as his new boat along with some of the incredible preparation that Marianne is so instrumental in. It is a fun and sometimes mind blowing look into a true ultra endurance sport.

Episode 3: Alan Shanken and Challenged Athletes Foundation

(0:53:31) Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) board member and challenged athlete himself Alan Shanken joins Coach Jay for an inspiring and emotional discussion. Alan shares details of his youth as a congenital below the knee amputee and how his journey eventually leads him to endurance sports like triathlon, road cycling and open water swimming. He also tells the amazing story of how he accidentally stumbles across a CAF booth at the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, gets actively involved and helps to grow the organization not just within Norther California but greatly beyond.

Episode 2: Coach Bertrand Newson and Too Legit Fitness

(0:46:02) Our second episode features Coach Jay catching up with dear friend and very busy veteran endurance coach Bertrand Newson. Bertrand, aka "Coach B", is the founder and head coach of the amazing thousand member strong Too Legit Fitness team based in San Jose, CA. He additionally is head coach and partner with online event calendar and training resource center RaceMob. Coach B is also heavily involved with two amazing organizations as Co-Chairman of the Taji 100 and Co-Chairman of the Coaches of Color Initiative. The two coaches dive briefly in to Coach B's childhood, prior corporate life and how he has successfully transition to full time coaching.

Episode 1: Emily Ridgeway - Athlete/Coach/Daughter

(1:04:25) This first episode introduces Coach Jay Ridgeway's daughter Emily Ridgeway and shares with the audience their unique and very special father-daughter relationship. They dive briefly into Emily's early childhood with divorced parents and how sports become the glue that not only maintained but strengthened their incredible bond together. There are three additional key life events that they discuss together: First ever Women's NCAA Triathlon Championships in 2014 & 2015; 2016 Wildflower Triathlon and her life-changing accident; 2017 Ironman Santa Rosa and Ironman World Championships.

Episode 0: Podcast launch with Jay Ridgeway

(0:01:45) Today Coach Jay Ridgeway is excited to announce the launch of his new video podcast series Endurance Life 360. Check out the video to learn about what the show is all about.