Johanna Lelke

Team Medical Director

Founder of Onsight Chiropractic & Massage

The quality of your care depends vitally on your caregiver. Dr. Johanna appreciates the privilege of being that person for you, using her own strength and flexibility to restore yours. Devoted equally to skill and support, she draws her greatest satisfaction from guiding self-healing and informing healthy habits.

Dr. Johanna graduated pre-med from the University of Massachusetts, where she sprinted and leapt her body into strain as a Division One heptathlete and pole vaulter. Hunching over cell culture and molecular biology experiments as a research technician in Massachusetts General Hospital’s neurogenetics lab, the dissonance between tortured posture and love of movement drew her first to chiropractic treatment and then to practice. Rock climbing New Hampshire’s sheer granite shifted to Oregon’s as she earned her doctorate from the University of Western States, and then to Yosemite when she came to the Bay Area in 2009. Rock climbing, trail running, biking and skiing continue to remind her how crucial joint alignment and muscle release are to balancing the stresses of regular exertion.

You can visit her and the talented staff of Onsight Chiropractic at the join Onsight/PacWest office in Berkeley, CA.