Swim Biomechanics

Swim Strong

Feel like you’re struggling or fighting the water?

PacWest is here to help.

There is tremendous value to having a qualified coach work with you one-on-one to get you started off in the right direction and implementing the latest swim techniques to get you successfully swimming not only in the pool but in the open water too.

For beginners, our friendly coaches will teach you the basics of swimming. Learn about general form and technique. You’ll be taught specific swim drills to assist in your development while also working on efficient breathing and proper sighting in the pool. The goal is to build enough confidence so that you can apply what you’ve learned either on your own or with your local swim group.

For intermediate to advanced level swimmers, our coaches will work with you to fine tune your form and technique so that you’re swimming your fastest by your next race.

There are three options to choose from.

Basic Swim Assessment: This in-person or remote session is a 30-minute visual assessment of one’s current swim form. Short video captures may be taken to help show and explain where areas need improvement. No follow up consultation or video recorded analysis provided.

Remote Swim Assessment: As instructed after registering, individuals send in self-captured short videos of their form to be reviewed and analyzed. A follow-up phone consultation is included with a detailed email containing links to the analyzed videos as well as recommended drills and techniques to improve form.

Premium Swim Assessment: This one-on-one 60-minute appointment consists of full in water and above water video capture. Individuals will be asked to go through a series of drills to emphasize desired form and technique.

A detailed follow-up email with recommended drills and technique improvements will be provided along with links to all analyzed videos. A follow-up email or conference call is provided.

Additional refresher clinics available upon request.

Swim Form Analysis

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