Run Biomechanics

Run Strong

Natural running is a full body movement.

Whether you’re new to running or a veteran endurance athlete, running healthy and strong are critical to your success on race day. Become a stronger runner by becoming a more efficient runner.

Key Benefits of Efficient Running:

  • Run FASTER
  • REDUCE risk of injury
  • IMPROVE recovery time

Run form expert and PacWest Head coach Jay Ridgeway has developed a comprehensive and insightful program that will show how your body was designed to run “naturally”.

Learn special drills and techniques as well as changes – small to large – to your body’s biomechanics to help optimize your form.

There are three options to choose from:

Basic Run Assessment: This 30 minute in-person or remote appointment consists of a visual critique of one’s run form. Short video captures may be taken to highlight opportunities to improve or correct minor to major flaws. No follow up consultation or video recorded analysis provided.

Remote Run Assessment: As instructed after registering, individuals send in self-captured short videos of their form to be reviewed and analyzed. A follow-up phone consultation is included with a detailed email containing links to the analyzed videos as well as recommended drills and techniques to improve form.

Premium Run Assessment: This full service appointment is approximately 60 minutes in person. Form video capture along with foot impact capture are included. Individuals will be asked to go through a series of drills in order to emphasize forefoot/mid-foot landing as well as overall body position improvement. All clinics will conclude with a final video capture of form and foot impact post-drills.

A detailed follow-up email with recommended drills and technique improvements will be provided along with links to all analysis videos. A courtesy follow-up email and/or conference call is provided.

Additional refresher clinics available upon request.

Run Form Analysis

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