2020 Winter Season

Since 2002, PacWest BootCamp has been a highly success way to build functional core strength while enjoying both indoor and outdoor workouts in a fun group setting.

This 8 week program consists of 2 workouts per week for a total of 16 sessions for the season.

Each workout is different from the last and workouts increase in intensity and volume as you progress. Our unique PacWest PCC Training Program is designed to mix in Plyometrics, Cardio and Core exercises. This combination has proven to be both challenging yet engaging and fun to all our groups.

We provide portable equipment like resistance bands, medical balls and exercise mats to add to the natural and man-made “street equipment” of the outdoors.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation in-person or over the phone.For

East Bay Region

  • Days: Wednesday & Friday Mornings
  • Duration: 6:00a to 7:00a
  • Start Date: February 5th
  • End Date: March 27th

Meeting Location

PacWest Performance Studio
1530-A Fifth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
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BootCamp Registration

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